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While seeing is believing, visuals are always paired with audio to make the content more effective in conveying its implications.

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Across industries, videos and audios are powerful tools that aid in creating a lasting impact on the audience. Therefore, in order to achieve such an outreach globally, voiceover services for content associated with elearning, computer-based training, material videos, advertisements, and commercials audiovisuals is essential. In voiceover translation services, narrative scripts are first translated into the target language and then recorded by native voiceover artists.

It sounds simple, but based on the target audience and course content, it is crucial to decide whether scripts need to be translated, localized or transcreated. As many languages expand when translated, it is important to consider the length of the video and speed of the audio while translating the script.

Summa Linguae Technologies provides voiceover services, voiceover translation, and dubbing services for content such as eLearning modules, commercial audios, advertisements, jingles, IVR prompts and more.

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The quick and high-quality voiceover of the learning content for an eLearning software systems company helped in the timely release of their training tool. The consultation provided and measures taken in the execution of the project, helped the client save time and costs in training.

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