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A proper linguistic and cultural localization of a game could be the difference between success or failure in other markets.

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Holisitic localization

We can localize all elements of your game: titles, script, instructions, advertising, etc. for any market.

QA and proofreading

Our multi-step quality assurance processes will ensure that your game goes to market without any mistakes.

Data collection

As AI solutions are being added games for player safety, we can collect data for your project.

video game localization

Video game translation: what it takes

The translation of video games is a multi-stage process. Not only is it translation of a game itself, but also all the marketing materials (website, posters and graphics promoting the game) or technical materials (specifications, manuals).

A game can also be divided into several elements: storyline (dialogue, narration), UI (user interface, i.e. what a player sees on the screen), subtitles, comments, or live online support.

Translation vs. localization

Localization helps in situations where translation is not a sufficient process. Linguistic and cultural localization means adapting the material to a new language, cultural background, customs, traditions or beliefs.

Localization may adapt such elements as:


The script is not only translated but adapted in order to makes sense to the target audience (e.g. references to the popular culture or customs present in a given region, adaptation of jokes/puns, slang, dialects).

User Interface

UI often contains abbreviations or symbols that may have to be adapted for the target audience.

Units of measurement, currencies, date format

Adjusting these small details can help your customers understand your game with greater ease.


Do you want things like proper names to be the same in all regions? Transliteration adapts the subject the phonetically using the target language.

What Makes Us Different

Here’s why Summa Linguae Technologies is the language service provider of choice to many of the world’s most successful companies.


We provide full end-to-end localization services—including project planning, data collection, translation, quality assurance, and localization testing.


We tailor each of our projects to the exact needs of our clients, whether you’re a small startup or a Fortune 500 company.

Diverse Expertise

We have an active global network of experts in any subject or language, allowing you to expand into any new market.

Quality Control

Our primary goal is to bring results to your business, which depends on high-quality, thoroughly tested projects.


By managing every aspect of the localization process, you’ll see fewer friction points or bottlenecks than you would with multiple vendors.


Our focus on scalable infrastructure and technology has made us the trusted localization partner to many of the world’s most recognizable brands.

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