Translation Management System (TMS)

Secure your place in global markets by using translation management systems.

Avoid bad customer experiences, devaluation of your brand image, and production delays.

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Smooth Workflow

Your team will be able to easily handle complex translation and localization tasks.

Guaranteed Consistency

Coherent terminology across all platforms and documents.

End-to-End Management

A translation management system facilitates the whole process.

translation management systems

Why use a Translation Management System (TMS)?

Translation Management Systems support complex translation and localization tasks.

If marketing, production, administration, and procurement departments in your company use different language service providers for different kinds of content and different languages, it’s hard to keep everything on track and on time.

Too many LSPs may cause your terminology and brand voice to change from page to page.

Centralizing your projects will ease your teams into complex translation and localization tasks.

Take a closer look at the main features of a TMS.

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