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High-quality financial translation services at competitive rates

Your financial documents are translated accurately to meet with financial reporting standards and business regulations.

Our team can also localize your financial documents for local currencies and document formats.

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Our financial and insurance translation services include:

Balance sheets and profit / loss statements

Annual reports, financial statements, and prospectuses

Bank statements

Credit reports, credit & equity research

Commodities, currency, equities and alternative investments documents

Insurance claims, disclosure statements, and enrollment forms

Private and public offerings

Trade contracts and agreements


How do we guarantee high-quality financial translation?

The financial sector is highly regulated. Financial translation services have to meet very strict requirements and standards.

Our team can meet these standards and issue a notarized certificate of accuracy at no additional cost to you.

This applies especially to listed public companies, who are legally obliged to publish financial statements.

As a listed company ourselves, we are aware of the importance of effective communication with potential investors. That’s why we pay particular attention to the translation of periodical and annual reports.

Financial translation is not for everyone

The most common myth about financial, economic or business translation is that anyone can do it. But financial translation is a highly specialized translation field due to:

  • Its interdisciplinary nature
  • The precision required
  • Requiring translators with knowledge of the field

A company’s financial records must also be presented in a clear and correct form.

Financial translation should always be carried out by experienced professionals.

Economic and financial translation for listed companies

Summa Linguae Technologies is a listed company and we’ve built a large database of translators specializing in financial documentation.

Each is supported by experience in management of multilingual business communication among international companies.

We are aware that the documentation entrusted to us is confidential. That’s why every translator cooperating with us signs a non-disclosure agreement.

We aim to safeguard the interests of our customers as best we can.

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