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Our technical translation and localization solutions cover technical industries such as construction, automotive, defense & aerospace, engineering, agriculture, and more. Reach out to learn how our technology-powered localization solutions can lower your costs and speed up your time to market.

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Our Technical Translation & Localization Services

The most popular materials for technical translation include machinery manuals, information brochures, product sheets, catalogs, and technical specifications. However, the translation of operating manuals for farming machinery is very different from technical specifications or information brochures.

To ensure accuracy and quality, our project managers select specialized technical translators with the appropriate knowledge and experience and your field. We ensure the translators assigned to your project has up-to-date industry knowledge and that they regularly improve their technical translation skills. They must also have excellent knowledge of industry-specific terminology.

DTP for Technical Documents

Most technical translation projects include documents such as instruction manuals, often requiring localization of graphics and illustrations. Summa Linguae Technologies offers not only translation and localization of technical documents, but also their graphic processing. These documents requiring technical translation are often saved in non-editable formats or created using specialized software such as AutoCad.

We employ graphic designers and DTP specialists to ensure technical documents can be delivered to translators in an editable form. Our DTP specialists ensure the document format remains the same, or if required by the target language, that it is adapted to the requirements of the target country.

We also use computer-assisted translation software to ensure consistency and quality.

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