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Website localization pays off. According to the latest consumer research, as many as 75% of consumers do not buy products or services online if the website is not available in their language. Moreover, investing in the translation of website content into just the most popular languages can increase its effectiveness by as much as 400%.

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Website localization: a comprehensive language solution

Communication in the language of a potential customer will inspire their trust in the brand and render it more credible and simply more effective. However, website translation does not only apply at a linguistic level. It is also necessary to localize content – i.e. to adapt the language, graphics, and code to the conditions of the new market. One additional aspect to consider when introducing new language versions of the website is UX and SEO.

As a global company operating in several markets, we understand the importance of websites and new technologies in the customer acquisition process. This is why we apply a comprehensive approach to the translation and localization of websites, software, and applications, offering the most appropriate solutions for our clients.

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We offer not only translation but also website localization – i.e. its adaptation to new linguistic and cultural circumstances. We will provide an accurate translation into the target language, suggest possible changes in the layout of the website, analyze keywords suitable for your brand on the foreign market, and localize the website in technical terms. If you work in the e-commerce sector, we offer technology and language solutions tailored for online shopping websites.

If you work in the e-commerce sector, we offer technology and language solutions tailored for online shopping websites.

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