Chatbot & Virtual Assistant Localization

Support your worldwide customer base by developing your chatbot or virtual assistant to understand and respond to multiple languages.

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Linguistic Consulting

Consultation on incorporating linguistics in the chatbot development process

End-to-end Localization Support

Chatbot translation, data transcription & localization QA for multilingual chatbots

Any Language

Lexicon development in 30+ languages to develop natural-sounding virtual assistants

Custom Solutions for Localizing Any Virtual Assistant

Each multilingual chatbots and virtual assistant requires a different localization approach—especially when it comes to AI-based virtual assistants. Whether your chatbot is rule-based or powered by machine learning, we can help you create a customer experience that’s just as good in any language.

We work with you to understand your unique localization needs and will support you throughout the entire development process. This includes advising on localization best practices, chatbot text translation, lexicon development, collecting data, and localization testing.

Why should you localize a chatbot?

The key to localizing chatbots and emerging technologies is to understand that localization is not just about translating text. When it comes to AI-based products like virtual assistants, cultural differences and nuances in language play an even more important role.

In addition to translating responses, you also have to take gender, personality, symbolics, and communication preferences into account. Our expert linguists ensure that the final product both sounds natural and is appropriately tailored to each culture group.

Localized chatbot use cases

The marketplace for chatbots and virtual assistants is expanding quickly—especially for customer support. Considering that the majority of the globe doesn’t speak English, there’s huge potential for offering consumers a better experience through localized chatbots. With AI-based chatbots getting smarter and smarter, the possibilities and user adoption of virtual assistants are only growing.

Talk to us about how we can support you in the development of your chatbot, whether you are looking to localize it in the future, need support with certain aspects of the process, or are hoping to improve an already localized product.


Manager, Data Collection at Nuance Communications

Summa Linguae Technologies has provided exceptional services to Nuance Communications. Their team members are intelligent, professional, and passionate about the work they do. Their diligence and creativity in terms of problem-solving ensured the success of the project. Our continuing relationship with Summa Linguae is a great asset to the company.

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