Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation

With our long history in the medical field, we provide translations and localization with 100% accuracy.

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Cost containment

Even though quality and accuracy are paramount, we always operate within your budget.

Translation for any field

Surgical devices, pharma, patient recruitment, clinical trials, and more – you name it, we’ve done it.

Accuracy and Quality

Minimize your risks when launching your product overseas by having perfect translation.

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Easy and accurate medical translation

Summa Linguae Technologies has focused on the unique translation needs of life science companies for over 20 years.

Our clients include medical and surgical device manufacturers, research tool companies, clinical diagnostic firms, patient recruitment and clinical trials, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Whether your company won CE Mark approval recently, been granted 510k Approval, or anything else, we understand the importance of 100% accurate data and medical information translation.

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Medical translation challenges

The medical sector faces unique challenges when taking its products overseas. Heavy oversight from regulatory bodies require that medical products undergo the necessary testing and documentation before approving them.

Quality and risk management are important factors when it comes to fulfilling medical translation requirements.

Although these requirements often trump cost needs, cost containment continues to be of paramount importance.

We help you contain your costs without ever sacrificing quality.

More Reasons to Use Summa Linguae's Professional Medical Translation Services

Here’s why you should hire our professional medical translation services to handle your medical product translation and localization.


Translation to-and-from 100+ languages

The support of a wide range of languages enables you to cover over 95% of the world’s GDP consumers.


Second translator reviews the translation

This ensures consistency and accuracy when you require us to use more than one translator to meet a tight schedule.


Second cycle of changes to target documents is free

This gives you the ability to solicit input from your in-country proofreaders or regulatory bodies. You can also request changes to the target text without incurring any additional charges.


Translation database use for future savings

You own all your intellectual property, including your translation assets and translation database. By using a database, our team will reuse translation on future product updates. This minimizes recurring overhead and costs.


Professional print design (DTP) in any format

When you print your manuals, labels, inserts and packages, you don’t have to worry about mistakes that require reprint and reship.


ISO9001:2015 Certified

Our quality management system enables us to monitor, audit and track any non-conformance. We act quickly to address important issues as they surface.

Our Life-Science Translation Service Experience

Our life-science translation service and expertise extend into:

  • Digital medical products: computer aided detection, digital microscopy, diagnostic systems, robotic surgery
  • Medical documents, prescriptions, data sheets, and reports
  • Patient information, questionnaires, recruitment materials for patient recruitment and clinical trials
  • User guides for medical staff and patients
  • Medical equipment: instruction manuals, brochures, and software
  • Clinical, toxicological, pharmacological and biological information
  • Labeling, custom printing, and packaging services
  • Medical interpretive and transcription services

We can provide a certificate of accuracy upon request for your 21 CFR Part 11 compliant records.

With over 20 years of experience, Summa Linguae Technologies has built a large database of proven and experienced medical translators. As a result, our clients can be sure that each medical translation will be carried out by a professional.

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We are very impressed with Summa Linguae’s professional approach to localization. Our product-update localization efforts and costs have gone down by as much as 30%.

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