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The services of localization and translation of software and applications are quite complex. In such cases, user comfort, linguistic accuracy, layout, and programming code should also be taken into account.

Translation of software and mobile applications is a project that is usually carried out by a team of experienced translators, project managers, and often developers.

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Our Software & App Localization

At Summa Linguae Technologies, we provide translation of software and mobile applications, taking into account the specific nature of the target market, industry, programming language, and user experience. Contact us so we can share our completed projects in the field of software translation and localization with you! Or check out the “case study” section below!

We guarantee that the translation and localization of a website or mobile application will be handled by a translator with appropriate experience in these fields, who also has knowledge in the area of copywriting and SEO.

App Localization Services

A dramatic increase in the use of smartphones globally has made mobile apps a requisite to daily life.

In 2017, consumers downloaded 178.1 billion mobile apps on their devices. In 2022, this figure is projected to grow to 258.2 billion app downloads (Source: Statista). As a developer, what you need to evaluate is the global market readiness of your apps that is available on an app store/platform. According to App Annie, 50% of the countries within the top 10 for downloads and revenue are non-English speaking countries. Hence, app localization plays a vital role in the success of your apps. At the same point, rather than jumping into app localization, it is highly recommended to start by localizing your app’s App Store Optimization (ASO) and other aspects that will play a key role in enhanced user experience.

At Summa Linguae Technologies, we provide solutions from consulting for beginning with the right global strategy to an end-to-end localization and testing of the app.

Success Story

Summa Linguae Technologies localized the world’s most comprehensive women’s health tracking app into 25 languages. This app has a reach of over 6 million users in 192 countries, and is effectively educating women on health and hygiene.

Software Testing Services

Evaluating the context, language and functional attributes of the product content is critical to make your product more accessible to global users through product localization.

As part of the localization testing services, we check the functional and non-functional features of software such as correct functioning, appearance, display standards, usage, etc. Localization testing is a must for complex products with extensive functionality, such as games, computer software, web applications, etc.

A subset of localization testing, linguistic testing services ensures that the software is culturally relevant in terms of grammar, punctuations, terminologies, context and linguistic rules. In the final stages of testing, linguistic testing checks the localized content and UI for their accuracy as well as cultural appropriateness. Linguistic testing is also used to verify the accuracy of online help pages and website content.

Our growing pool of resources and vast experience in the localization industry ensures that we employ only tech-savvy linguistic testers for our localization testing services to deliver optimal results. We also advise our clients about the best practices for localization testing with respect to localization readiness of software, linguistic aspects, functionality, internationalization, and compatibility.

Success Story

An independent software testing company completed 289.5 hours of testing for their client successfully with support from our project management team. This ensured that the localized tool functioned seamlessly, and the timelines were adhered to while maintaining optimal results.

Case Studies

A US-based company focused on developing security solutions from various digital threats. The company is known for its award-winning, multi-layered virus protection technology.
Scope of work
The company wanted to make their product available to consumers and businesses in Latin America, Europe and parts of Asia. They had approach Summa Linguae for translation of their software, marketing content and legal agreements.
Project details
– Industry: IT/ software developement
– Languages : 21 languages in total (Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Polish, Swedish and more)
– Ensuring user friendly translation of UI while adhering to string length constraints.
– Accurate country-specific translation of legal agreements.
– Ensuring consistency across all phases of the project.
– Quick turn around for launching the product in various parts of the world.
How we do it
– We divided the project into 3 phases: localization of the antivirus software, localization of related marketing materials, and translation of legal agreements.
– We designated a project management team to coordinate through all phases of the project. Native translators with expertise in IT and software localization were sourced.
– A terminology list was co-created with the Client and used to ensure consistency across all languages.
– Country-specific subject matter experts were hired to review the content and legal agreements.
The client combined their state of the art technology with the right localization strategy and went on to become one of the North America’s fastest growing anti-virus solutions, which quadrupled their market share within one year.

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