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Accurate translation

Your product’s success in new markets depends on quality: we take care of the accurate translation.

Backed by technology

Our localization technology ensures that your software meets all the technical requirements of your target market.

Proven testing processes

Verifying functionality and accuracy is critical – let us take care of the methodical testing.

Software & App Localization Services

Localizing your software or app drastically increases the global reach of your product or service.

At Summa Linguae Technologies, our translation and technical localization technology enables your organization to sell and support in-country and global marketing efforts throughout the world.

What are software and app localization?

The language barriers in foreign markets present one of the biggest obstacles in selling or providing services globally. Localizing your software or app offers your business the opportunity to be linguistically, culturally, and technologically ready to conquer your new market.

For example, user comfort, linguistic accuracy, text layout, and your code itself are all affected by who your end users are. You’ll also need to translate and localize your App Store Optimization (ASO), marketing materials, and your product documentation.

At Summa Linguae Technologies, we provide end-to-end localization solutions, beginning with the right global strategy all the way to localization and testing of the app.



Localization Testing for Any Market

Localization testing is a must for complex products with extensive functionality, such as games, computer software, and web applications. Evaluating the context, language and functional attributes of the product content is critical to make your product more accessible to global users through product localization.

As part of localization testing services, we check the functional and non-functional features of your software such as core function, appearance, display standards, and usage.

Our growing pool of resources and vast experience in the localization industry ensures that we employ only tech-savvy linguistic testers for our localization testing services to deliver optimal results. We also advise our clients about the best practices for localization testing with respect to localization readiness of software, linguistic aspects, functionality, internationalization, and compatibility.


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monica Monica

Senior Manager at UL

Summa Linguae Technologies has played a critical role in the global success of the online International IP Crime Investigators College by providing us with professional localization services in a timely and efficient manner. The attention to detail and outstanding customer service we have received over the years makes them a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any organization looking to communicate in a multilingual marketplace.

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