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Summa Linguae recently acquired Datamundi, a company that is creating and enriching language data for linguistic research institutes. They are known for being global NLP system builders, focusing on machine translation and communication bots.

With Datamundi’s addition, we’ll help AI get more “intelligent” with the help of experienced linguists, project managers, developers and engineers who work on an online customized platform.

Datamundi is always looking for skilled freelancers with a passion for language, technology, quality and data.

We’ll contribute to each step of the NLP production chain: data discovery and collection, text selection and cleaning, test set creation and validation of the NLP output.

Tell us your needs and we will develop unique tools, engage the right people, and find the optimal solutions to match them.

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Secure Processing

Carefully recruited and trained, our linguists offer the highest possible level of confidentiality and security.

Fast Turnaround Times

Accelerate the process thanks to our scalable solutions.

Any Language

Bring your project to a global scale using our multilingual team of linguists.

translation management system

Quality Control

We take quality control seriously and apply our processes on all of the work being carried out in more than 100 languages.

Quality control is ensured by automated checks performed with the help of:

  • Metadata measured on the platform
  • Human validation done by lead linguists and project managers
  • Comparing overlapping datasets labeled by several linguists

This way we obtain proof-based trust in the work our linguists do, and we can get them deeply involved in the language tweaks you need.


Customizable Services

We create and execute a strategy to meet the specifications of your project, including:

  • Harvesting vital information from raw language data
  • Collecting and generating monolingual and bilingual data in more than 100 languages
  • Annotating, labeling, tagging, and enriching linguistic datasets
  • Evaluating machine translation output and speech bot conversations
  • Analyzing large training datasets and detecting patterns that cause issues
  • Supporting low-density languages and managing domain-specific limitations

Need natural language processing? Tell us about your project to get started.

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Krzysztof Zdanowski CEO Summa Linguae Krzysztof Zdanowski

CEO, Summa Linguae Technologies

Datamundi complements our current data solutions offering by enhancing the range of services we can offer our clients, and adding a deeper data science capability to address emerging challenges in the space. Our existing focus on voice and image data is expanded by top notch expertise in the NLP space, a growing focus of the industry.

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