Professional patent translation – why does it increase the chance of successful filing?

The development of an innovative product or breakthrough technology is just the first step at a long and winding road that leads a company to conquer both global and domestic markets. It is important to take care of a patent quickly enough to guarantee a competitive advantage. Such a prudent behaviour enable us to keep a license for our invention, which means other companies cannot sell or manufacture the product without our consent. However, in order to apply for and receive a foreign patent, a number of formalities must be completed – including professional translation.

How to get a European patent?
In order to protect your new, unique product, it is worth taking care of a proper European patent application. Why should we not limit to a country in which we operate? It is much better to protect your idea in many countries at once via single procedure and uniform rules. Such a license covers the countries of the European Union and Turkey. What is more, you can also apply for an extension for the territory of: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia . So, how to get a European patent?

First and foremost, remember to follow all the procedures. For example, prior to filing a patent, you cannot disclose or show an innovative technical solution to the world because every publication undermines your chances.

The patent office will help you meet your obligations
Before we submit an invention to the patent office we should be aware of the fact that the entire process may last even for 3 years. The procedure requires the addition of provisions arising from international conventions, which takes time. The application requires also a set of documents such as: application, description of the invention and its summary, patent claims and drawings.

In order to apply for a patent in Europe, we must apply to the European Patent Office. If we want to reach customers even further, it is possible to submit an application to the World Intellectual Property Organization to obtain an exclusive license in one of 141 countries. However, it is worth knowing that the procedure and analysis of the application is carried out individually by each country. This also applies to translation of the application for each of them. Patent offices, which use professional translation of patents, help to streamline this complex procedure.
These are interdisciplinary translations, as they contain both legal and technical aspects, and above all – require specialized knowledge and terminology.

Patent translation – why is it so important?
Without a good patent translation it is impossible to carry out a patent procedure for foreign markets. In this case, the quality and accuracy of translation is of utmost importance. This kind of high standard can only be guaranteed by a translation agency that employs specialists in many fields, including patent law. Another crucial aspect is close cooperation of people working on the project with a patent attorney, which contributes to the substantive correctness of translation. In the case of a tedious and time-consuming patent application procedure, the speed and availability of translators who use rare languages are also significant.

New translation technologies also help to improve the patent obtaining process. Thanks to resources stored in so-called translation database, a program can almost immediately use the previously translated fragments. Translation is verified and corrected by a professional translator, but the whole process is significantly improved. What is more, this approach also help maintain consistency in terminology, especially when several specialists are involved in one project.


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