Budget for translation services – effective expense planning

Last Updated April 3, 2018

I need to have some text translated. I start looking for a translation agency to do the job. I ask about the price. I place an order and wait for the translation. This is the way the process of ordering a translation service usually looks like. And there is nothing wrong with this if it is a one-time order. But what if you order translation services often, regularly, and for your company? In such a case it is worth planning how and on what your money should be spent.

How to get started?

First and foremost you have to know what you exactly need. Make a detailed list of the languages into which or from which you need to translate. Make a research into the sort of translation services your company needs. Will this be interpreting or translation? Conference, consecutive or maybe whisper interpreting – for the explanation of what these services are go here. 

Translations for companies can be a fully regular service. If you need to translate e.g. one article every Tuesday at 3 p.m., our translation agency can designate a person who will always do this job – regardless of the language or specialization. And if your company organizes training for foreigners, we can provide interpreters and the required equipment.

Once you know what you need, try to determine the budget your company has. Anyone doing business seeks savings and wants to find the best and at the same time the most economical solution. These guidelines will help us identify together with you your needs and our capacities.

How to choose the right LSP?

Start looking for one in the easiest way – on the Internet. Find a translation agency with a stable market position, extensive experience and a vast portfolio. A translation agency like ours, being a large listed company, will be a safe choice.  What you should primarily take into account is whether the company has already executed orders similar to those that you intend to place. You should also check certificates it has and services it offers. The choice of specific tasks will determine their prices and deadlines for their completion.

Translations cover a very wide range of services. These can be not only standard translations of medical texts or contracts, or simultaneous interpreting. Nowadays, professional translation agencies deal also with transcription, DTP and translation and localization of websites.

What does cooperation with a translation agency look like?

Once your needs have been identified in detail, it is necessary to set the price. How is the translation price determined? Customers often do not know what the price of a specific translation order is made up of. It seems so easy, isn’t it? A given text is translated or an utterance is interpreted from one language into another. If fact there are lots of different factors that determine the amount of our remuneration.

Language group, i.e. the popularity of given languages, is one of them. Specialization, i.e. technical or legal translations, is another one. The deadline for the completion of the translation order should also be taken into account. Translations that must be ready within a short time are often handled by several translators at a time. This means that the whole content should be verified by one translator who will ensure its consistency.

Each corporate customer is served by a dedicated project manager who, to put it colloquially, “takes care of its business”. Such a person helps to choose the right service and advises on its most important aspects, making every effort to meet the requirements of even an extremely complex project.

To sum it up, the more detailed information you provide to the person quoting for your translation needs, the greater the chance that you will be offered the most attractive price. If you are interested in the services offered by our translation agency, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department.

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