David, Localization Engineer

¡Hola! I’m David and I am a Localization Engineer at Summa Linguae Technologies. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, I add yet another level of diversity to our growing team. Barcelona is a very famous city; having grown up in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, I was exposed to the different languages and cultures of visiting tourists throughout my childhood. My passion for computers was sparked when I was still very young – around eight or nine years old! My parents gave me a Basic programming book which I read religiously (even though I had yet to receive a computer of my own). I bugged them for many, many months until they finally gave in and I laid my hands on my very first computer, a Timex Sinclair. I spent day and night on that thing.

Back in the early 80s in Spain, most computer software, magazines, books, and so on, was in English. If I was to learn more about computers and programming, I needed to adapt and grow my knowledge of the English language. I built on my skills through a variety of different avenues, though perhaps the most fun was through computer games. I owe some of my English vocabulary to text adventures, among other things.

Later on, I decided to study computer science in Barcelona; I also joined a computer club with a few friends who were as enamoured with technology as I was. One of them got in touch with a group in the Netherlands who were publishing a monthly computer magazine in English, and we started translating that into Spanish for fun and to make it available to other people. Through my work with the magazine, one of my friends who was working for a Barcelona-based localization company offered me a job as a translator. Thus, though I didn’t quite know it yet, my localization career began! An instruction sheet for a Cinderella children’s watch was my very first official localization project – how great is that? From there, my work progressed into more technical content like software applications, OSes and technical books.

Eventually, I moved to North America where Intel, who was opening up a localization department, reached out and asked if I wanted to join the team. I spent seven years in Arizona, and then made another big move to Portland. This is where I’ve been for the last ten years (the rain isn’t as bad as they say, I promise!) and where I met Christina, who became my beloved wife. Working at Intel not only connected me to Cory, Summa Linguae Technologies’s current Strategic Account Manager, but also Emre, our esteemed Co-Founder! I had been at Intel for a whopping 16 years before joining Summa Linguae Technologies, and I’m constantly excited about the projects that we’re working on with new technologies, devices, and VR. I can’t resist a good puzzle, and I see localization issues and challenges as puzzles that haven’t been solved (yet).

My favorite thing about Summa Linguae Technologies has got to be the boundless opportunity that seems to be available – you can truly make your role your own, as long as you reach out and ask. Though I’m based in Portland and thus a bit disconnected from the Vancouver team, applications like Glip make the distance seem non-existent. In other places, being the remote worker is almost stigmatized, but that’s not the case at Summa Linguae Technologies. We have a tight-knit team that is used to working from offices all around the world, especially given the nature of our work.

Here are two truths and one lie about me – take a guess at what is what!

  1. I love Halloween so much, our house is decorated with skulls, owls, and other things all year long.
  2. I’ve seen Metallica on tour more than 15 times.
  3. When I moved to the US and was still working for an agency in Spain, they accidentally transferred 200K USD to my bank account due to a missed currency conversion. Then, three weeks later, they did it again!

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