Sophie, Operations Lead, Data Services

Last Updated March 29, 2020

Hello! I’m Sophie, and I’m the Operations Lead for the Data Services team at Summa Linguae Technologies. I work a lot on the speech, image recognition and wearable side of the house. I’ve been a part of Team Summa Linguae Technologies since 2014.

Though I was born in Germany, I moved to Maple Ridge when I was very young. Therefore, I’ve always called beautiful BC home. Growing up in Maple Ridge was fantastic—mostly because of the people and the nature. If we wanted to go camping, boom! 30 minutes later, we’d be smack in the middle of Golden Ears Provincial Park or floating about on a lake.

After high school, I went to the University of the Fraser Valley to go into teaching, and then made a switch to attend Langara College to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing.

Sophie’s Summa Linguae Technologies Journey

Summa Linguae Technologieswas still a small company when I joined– but I really liked the startup environment. Hanna and Emre’s personable, can-do attitude reeled me in. I was fresh out of university when I joined the team, and in fact, hadn’t even crossed the graduation stage before my first day of work! It’s been wonderful to see how fast the company has developed as a whole, both in data services and localization.

I’m sure everyone here says a similar thing, but my favorite thing about Summa Linguae Technologies has to be the people more than anything. We are very selective about who we hire; after all, in a growing company, the team is what makes or breaks you. So, everyone clicks really well – but at the same time, everyone has different backgrounds, skill sets, and knowledge to share.

The other thing is that there are no real limits at Summa Linguae Technologies; you’re never stuck in a box, and you’re always given the opportunity to grow into whatever you want to be. It’s a special experience, and I have to pinch myself every once in a while to remind myself that not all companies are this supportive of their employees.

Fun Sophie Facts

What are you watching on TV right now?

The Morning Show (on Apple TV).

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

On a beach, in the forest, or snuggled up to my fur babies.

What’s your favourite food?

Anything with chocolate.

Until next time,
– Sophie

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