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Ask a game developer, designer, gamer or just anyone from the gaming industry and they will tell you that you could create awesome game plots with state-of-the-art graphics, but it’s always about the experience. If each player does not have an enjoyable experience, the game is bound for failure. With players and new games gaining a global audience each day, the importance of game localization is becoming vital in engaging users across geographies.

That is why, game localization is now no longer an after-thought, but an essential part that goes into the conception and creation of a game. Our game localization services in India and other countries, cover all the 3 elements of game localization:

  • Localization of games for the elements of the story that are seen or heard, such as the names of places and characters to the graphics and user interface,
  • Localization of technical elements in games that include code and text operations, and
  • Localization of marketing materials such as posters, ads, packaging, posters, and website.

By localizing your game into just 40 languages, you can reach gamers across 155 countries. Reach out to us to know more.

Success Story

Our expertise in game localization helped one of our key clients to launch two games across eight countries.

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