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Language and technology


Today’s business is more dynamic than ever – continuously changing with new solutions arriving every day. Business owners need to reinvent the way they communicate with their audience: multichannel, agile, mobile and very customer-focused. Even though there is a thin line between global and local, modern business needs to ace multilingual and multicultural communication to keep developing.

Technology-based solutions offered by Summa Linguae Technologies will help you centralize and globalize your translation and localization projects. They will amplify your message across the globe and facilitate multilingual communication.

Our solutions will accelerate, simplify and optimize your translation and localization requirements. API-based integrations, interpretation technology, AI-enabled machine translations, TMS and CAT tool integrations, and help-desk automation systems are just some of the areas in which we provide technical solutions.

Use cases
  • Scope of work
    Summa Linguae Technologies was approach to create a multilingual internal help desk solution for a global company. The company needed support in running their internal help desk in 80 languages.
  • Platform-specific approach
    - Live MT for understanding of the document for internal purposes
    - The plug-in should be on Chrome – render the page from DE>EN in seconds
    -Live MT for understanding of the email for internal purposes.
    -Working scheme similar to DeepL.
    BMC Remedy
    - Live MT for understanding of the tickets for internal purposes.
    - Language recognition built in the tool.
    - Translate button integrated in the tool.
    - Post-edit button to be further discussed.
  • How we do it
    - We create a technical solution, individually tailored for each project. We design a solution based on the Client's specific requirements.
    - We fully integrate Neural Machine Translation with the Client's CMS and help desk platform (Zendesk, Jira, LiveChat etc).
    - Each ticket or email request is automatically translated into English. Help desk employees answer in English and their response is again translated into the source language.
    -There is a possibility of choosing different MT engines for different language pairs and to expand the integration for the new tools without the need to rebuild APIs.
  • Benefits
    - Neural Machine Translation engines are fully integrated with clients' CMS and ticketing systems to ensure smooth process of translation and implementation of content.
    - Flexibility: process involves full integration with a variety of tools for automated workflows and platforms, and provides live translations for machine translated content. There is an option to plug in post-editors or full TEP process.
    - All data is stored in the Client's CMS so it can be reused. Each ticket is translated only once, and when the request is repeated, the system automatically uses already existing translation. The translation of highly repetitive content is exceedingly sped up.
    - Translation automation introduced in the process results in high efficiency and accelerates productivity of the whole company, due to the facilitation of multilingual communication.

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